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Nostalgia for Violin and Piano Op. 8

World Premiere Commission for violinist Hayoung Cho and Pianist Siying He's D.M.A. chamber recital (2021).

Performance by L'harmonie Saxonne

Piano: Sunpil Kim

Violin: Sumin Lee

Composition: Video

We Shall Dance

Music by Thomas Kim (b. 1990)
Libretto by Shane Manthei
Staging by Kyle Melton

Gabriela Gómez Estévez, conductor | Rosemary Joyce, Mathilda

Christopher Ludwig, flute | Jeremy Gdaniec, clarinet | Leah Espinoza, bassoon | Chase Gillett, percussion | Bo Wu, violin |Francis Ku, violin | Catherine Chen, viola | Zi-Yun Luo, cello | Moises Chirinos, bass

Matthew has a pleasant married life with his lovely wife Matilda, but has always felt unfulfilled in his marriage. There is a small bar (Circa 1857) he goes to whenever he feels frustrated with his unsatisfied heart. One evening, Matthew arrives at the bar and Ga-on, an Asian musician, is sitting at the bar drinking. The moment Matthew sees him, Matthew is swept away by unknown emotions and falls in love with Ga-on’s charming looks. Through this experience, Matthew finally discovers that he is gay. Matilda is shocked and unable to speak for a while but asks Matthew to meet with Ga-on all together.
In this scene, Matthew, Ga-on, and Matilda meet at the bar. Matthew introduces Ga-on to Matilda. She finds it difficult to handle her ambivalence, but after she manages her emotions, she decides to send her husband on the path he should take. In the hope of a blessing, she proposes to dance with all three of them. Matthew, Ga-on, and Matilda dance together with different emotions.

'2020' for Flute and Clarinet Op.5

Performance by Vermillion Duet

Yuh-Jiun Melody Wan, Flute

Janghyun Thomas Kim, Clarinet

The Weeping Lily Op.6

Poem by Artemis Poppy


Hannah Rice, soprano

Janghyun Thomas Kim, Clarinet

MUL(water) for solo flute, op. 3

Dedicated to flutist Léa Villeneuve


Léa Villeneuve, flute

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