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MUL(water) for solo flute

PDF file - $11.99

Sheet music +PDF file - $21.99

 ‘MUL’(물) is one of Janghyun Thomas Kim’s unaccompanied piece series. He composed songs based on the five elements for the woodwind quintet instruments. In oriental philosophy, the five elements are the five types of energy that everything in nature is made up of: fire, water, wood, metal, and earth. He wrote the songs by comparing the five qualities to the instruments, with fire on bassoon, water on flute, wood on oboe, metal on horn, and earth on clarinet.

 Four characters of water are described in this work, such as the waterfall(flow), the morning fog(misty), the heavy rain(water drops), and the river in the night sky(Milky Way). ‘MUL’ means water in Korean.

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