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EQUUS for solo double bass

PDF file - $17

Sheet music + PDF file - $ 24.99

Janghyun Thomas Kim wrote Equus, an unaccompanied double bass piece for a good friend John St Cyr. They were both born in 1990-the year of the horse in the Chinese Zodiac. Their connection with the year of the horse paired with the desire to tell the story of the horse inspired him to write Equus.

The work is in seven sections:

  1. Halo – Depicts a horse on a hill with the sun shining behind him

  2. Gallop – The horse runs with other horses, this section reoccurs throughout the piece

  3. Respite – The horse gets tired and the horses take time to rest, then the gallop section returns

  4. Lonely Leader – Being a leader can be lonely, a melancholy melody followed by the gallop theme

  5. Horse Dance – They are enjoying each other’s presence with animated movement

  6. Calm Before the Storm – The leader knows a conflict his coming, he is introspective and preparing himself mentally

  7. Finale – The horses are fighting and the leader ends victoriously

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