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DESTIN for solo clarinet

PDF file - $11.99

Sheet music + PDF file - $ 24.99

This song is a composition of Janghyun Thomas Kim’s experience of his Destin beach vacation during the summer of 2019. As the rays of the sunblind the eyes, the Seahawk is flying over the horizon. Behind the Seahawk, the heavy clouds wrap the sky with darkness. Sending chills down with bursting thunders causing the ground to rumble. You can see the merciless waves that became bigger as the wind pick up. But with a blink of an eye, everything clears as if it never happened and the rays of the sun warm the heart as if gives hope to a beautiful day. The composer was inspired by the natural phenomenon that reflects the obstacles in life that we need to overcome in order to live a hopeful life. This piece is dedicated to Professor Deborah Chodacki.

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